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Meet the Boys of Casper

by Dallas Jones

WHO were you in ninth grade?

WHERE were you in 1975?

Growing up ain’t always easy. Just ask the boys of Casper as they navigate the challenges of adolescence in this coming of age tale. In the first installment of THE BOYS OF CASPER series, the individual stories of six, ninth-grade boys and a bizarre alien are presented from a distinctly male perspective.

The characters’ stories reaffirm previously known truths. Boys are frequently stupid, often confused, and undeniably human.

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Let’s meet the boys of Casper:

According to his mom, Greg BORIAS is a clever but complicated boy. Others maintain a somewhat lesser opinion of him, but no one can deny he succeeds in making the first day of school memorable.

Soon after Henry Sweetgrass moved to Casper from the reservation, his identity changed to TOTEM. But now after enduring some tumultuous family changes, he’s not sure who he is.

By day, RANDY Winters worships everything related to football as he prepares to become the sport’s next great running back. By night, he itemizes food commercials, super heroes, and hot babes in his head.

PUUK, an unfortunately named alien from a more unfortunately named race, has travelled to Earth to gain an understanding—and hopefully a remedy—for irrationality. Good luck with that.

JERRY Prentice wanders through the streets of Casper and recalls the people who have come and gone in his life including a best friend and a first crush.

Meet JIMBO DuPree, the new kid in town. He takes his handsome face and easy-going style on a family road trip through the wondrous Wyoming landscapes. Back in Casper, everyone thinks he’s awesome—everyone but his dad.

Neither the mind nor body of RANKIN Bellamy are prepared to grow up. Their delay in moving on will be severely punished.

The stories take place during the 1970s. As the boys persevere in their daily struggles, a simultaneous undercurrent of change is taking place on a national scale. America the invincible is becoming America the vulnerable.

Join in on a nostalgic trip down memory lane and MEET THE BOYS OF CASPER as they encounter frustrations, humor, and discoveries on the road to adulthood.

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“This book reminds me of A Prayer for Owen Meany in terms of living inside the head of youthful angst. The author captures each personality in colorful detail, the complex family dynamics and the richness of growing up in a close knit neighborhood. Brought back very real memories of school years that everyone can relate to. The ending is really well done.”

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